RYT (Ryan Youth Theatre)

Is a Voluntary Arts Organisation in Stranraer providing drama and theatre activities for young people aged 14-25. Anyone, regardless of experience, ability or personal circumstances can take part. There are no auditions.


Young RYT meets every Tuesday in term time. The 8 to 10-year group is from 6 to 7pm. The 11 to 14-year-old group is from 7pm to 8pm. A session (six weeks) costs £6 per member.  The Youth Theatre Leader is Sarah Gordon and her Assistant Youth Theatre Leader is Ross Philips.


Senior RYT is 14 to 25 year olds who want to devise, improvise and develop performances of new writing by and for young people. Our projects engage young people with professional writers, directors and technical theatre practitioners.


All RYT members have opportunities to see professional performances in Dumfries and Galloway as well as further afield.  This year, for the first time and in conjunction with Stranraer Academy, four Senior RYT members went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Once a year in July we offer our 14 plus members the chance to go to the residential National Festival of Youth Theatre Scotland. In 2017 this will be in Ayr.


Volunteers: If you want to support young people’s theatre, please do contact us. We need volunteers to help with performances, chaperone our young people on theatre visits and residential courses, raise funds and be on our management committee. We also love working with writers.


To find out more about RYT contact Carolyn Yates e mail carolynanne57@gmail.com; mobile:07773797495

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See RYTs improvised soap opera here (made in two hours!) 



Ryan Youth Theatre (RYT) was set up by Wigtown Festival Company in 2013 with funding from the Holywood Trust. Its first major production was 87 Miles – a project in partnership with ToonSpeak Youth Theatre, North Glasgow. In 2014 RYT was awarded a grant from the Scottish Government’s Tackling Sectarianism Small Grant Programme leading to the creation of a new play, Freedom Square, written by Des Dillon with RYT members. At the invitation of Joan McAlpine, MSP, Freedom Square was performed at The Scottish Parliament in April 2015.  It was also performed in Kilmarnock and, most recently, at Stranraer’s Festival of Politics in Spring 2016. The scripts for 87 Miles and Freedom Square, will be published in October 2016 for other youth theatres to use.

In Spring 2016 Young RYT created their first pop-up theatre event in Castle Square, Stranraer, as part of Voluntary Action Week.


Ryan Youth Theatre QUOTES Summer 2016

David ( 23) says:

“I have received a lot of support from within RYT & hope to embark on an ambitious idea to reform our YouTube channel into a creative arts 'hub' where we can work in partnership with local organisations, groups & individuals to create a new collective effort to allow these groups to showcase their talents while maintaining their own independent brand & identity within this platform. RYT is a good thing for other young people as it allows all young people to try new experiences in theatre in a positive & supportive environment. RYT can help all young people gain confidence and push the limits to what they can achieve to be more than they ever imagined or dreamed of.”


Caitlin (16) says: “I believe giving people the opportunity to come to a place where everyone is friendly and no one gets judged is extremely important for our area…. You learn literature skills when writing scripts, along with improving your acting abilities. You also look more on the technical side of theatre which is a great thing for youngsters to learn.”


Ryan (15) says: “NFYT is an absolutely amazing experience for anyone who is interested in drama. It's a great place to be able to go and share your love for drama with many others. Coming from a small place like Creetown there is not that many opportunities involving drama so it's a great chance to go out and learn new skills. It's a chance to see many different styles of theatre and it allows you to learn new ways of performing. It also allows you to meet amazing new people who you can share your thoughts and ideas with.”