Wee Wigtown Artwork is Offered as a Gift to the Community it Celebrates


Nine-panel fabric portrait of town and its people to go on show at Spring Fling before being given away


A beautiful artwork showing Wigtown and its surrounding countryside are being offered as a gift to the local community.


The Wee Wigtown series of nine fabric panels was created last year by Edinburgh-based Anupa Gardner, artist in residence at Spring Fling and the Wigtown Book Festival.


They will be on display during the Spring Fling weekend of 23-25 May at Anupa’s temporary studio at Wigtown’s Bowling Green Pavilion before being given away.


Anupa said: “Wee Wigtown was a really joyful project and so many people from the community made a contribution. It is a celebration of the town and its people and I really feel that the panels belong here and should be kept on public display for everyone to enjoy.”


The offer to provide a home is open to local businesses of anyone else with a public space where the panels can be displayed and winners will be chosen by raffle. Free tickets for the raffle can be collected at the pavilion during Spring Fling.


Visitors to last year’s event were able to contribute to the work by writing down what Wigtown means to them and having their words incorporated into the panels.

Leah Black, Spring Fling Director, said: “Wee Wigtown is a portrait of a town and the lives of its people – it’s absolutely beautiful. We are delighted that Anupa has decided to make it a gift to the community so it can continue to be admired and enjoyed for many years to come.”