Carrie Gracie

China Crisis

Online Event
Sat 26 Sep
14:00 UK
Free, ticketed

The changes in China over the past forty years have been spectacular. Reform and opening up began with DENG Xiaoping, and the resulting growth has made China the second-largest economy in the world. The current Chinese president Xi Jinping has promised that his country will not develop at the expense of other nations, but also that they will not be told to do anything by anyone. Unease at the growing power, sophisticated technology, and changes to the system of governance in China is presenting tough challenges to the West. Carrie Gracie lived and reported from China for the BBC over many years. Join her as she shares her knowledge and experience and looks at how to survive the China crisis.

About the speaker: Carrie Gracie grew up in northeast Scotland. In a varied career she has run her own restaurant, taught English and economics at Chinese universities, managed a film company and worked as a journalist, presenter and producer for the BBC. As a foreign correspondent she was in charge of the BBC Bureau in Beijing. In September 2019, she published her first book Equal: How We Fix the Gender Pay Gap.


In conversation with Jenny Niven


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