Anthony Sattin

Nomads - The Wanderers Who Shaped Our World

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Sun 25 Sep
15:00 UK

One of our most elegant writers and historians, Anthony Sattin tells the ground-breaking story of Nomadic peoples through history. 

Wandering people built the first great stone monuments, such as the one at Göbekli Tepe, seven thousand years before the pyramids. They tamed the horse, fashioned the composite bow, fought with the Greeks and hastened the end of the Roman Empire. They had a love of poetry and storytelling, a fascination for artistry and science, and a respect for the natural world rooted in reliance and faith. Embracing multiculturalism, tolerant of other religions, their need for free movement and open markets brought a glorious cultural flourishing to Eurasia, enabling the Renaissance and changing the human story.

Reconnecting with our deepest mythology, our unrecorded antiquity and our natural environment, Nomads is the untold history of civilisation, told through its outsiders.

About the Author

Anthony Sattin is a writer and broadcaster described as ‘a cross between Indiana Jones and a John Buchan hero’ and ‘one of the key influences on travel writing today.’

Copies of Anthony Sattin's book Nomads: The Wanderers Who Shaped Our World can be found here

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