John Boyne

All the Broken Places

Wigtown Parish Church
Sat 24 Sep
16:30 UK

John Boyne returns to Wigtown to discuss the sequel to his classic bestseller The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

At the age of 91, Gretel Fernsby lives a comfortable, quiet life in London. No one knows that 70 years ago she escaped Nazi Germany with her mother. And she never talks about her father, a commandant of a concentration camp.

But when a young family moves into the apartment below her, she develops a friendship with Henry, a little boy who brings back disturbing memories from her past. And when she witnesses a violent argument between Henry's parents she finds herself with a choice to make, one that may mean revealing the truth of her identity she has so long concealed.

About the Author 

Irish writer John Boyne has previously written 13 novels for adults and six novels for younger readers and is published in 58 languages. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, a New York Times bestseller, has sold more than 11 million copies worldwide and been adapted for film and theatre, as well as ballet and opera. Boyne was awarded the Hennessey Literary Hall of Fame Award for his work in 2012.

Copies of John Boyne's book All The Broken Places can be found here and The Echo Chamber can be found here.

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