Nikky Smedley

Over the Hills and Faraway - My Life As a Teletubby

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Sun 25 Sep
13:30 UK

At its peak, the BBC children’s TV show Teletubbies had an audience of more than 3 billion children and adults a year, and aired in 120 countries and 45 languages. Its colourful leads, Laa-Laa, Dipsy, Tinky-Winky and Po, were household names but what about the actors who played them?
When Nikky Smedley answered an advert requesting 'artists with stamina', she couldn’t have known what she was walking into. In her funny and candid memoir, the woman who was Laa-Laa reveals the truth of life in the suit, from arguments about fruit and unusual working conditions, to dodging the tabloids and the fear of typecasting.  But, above all, she celebrates the joy of being part of a revolutionary programme and of so many childhoods.

About the Author

Nikky Smedley has spent her career trying to avoid what her parents called 'a proper job'. Running her own dance company for twenty years, she staged the UK’s first piece of vertical dance and, playing God, created and destroyed the world on quantum and geographic scales. Smedley played Laa-Laa in Teletubbies from 1997 until 2001. Afterwards, she worked behind the scenes in children’s TV for a further decade and currently writes and performs stories for young children.

Copies of Nikky Smedley's book Over the Hills and Faraway are available here.

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