Iain MacGregor

The Lighthouse of Stalingrad

County Buildings
Sat 24 Sep
13:30 UK

Hitler lost the Second World War in the streets of Stalingrad. The brutal, bloody fighting between the Red Army and the German invaders did much to shape the eventual outcome of the war. The bitter Russian winter of 1942 saw two million soldiers and civilians killed, wounded or captured during house-to-house fighting in Stalingrad.

In his new book Iain MacGregor uses primary German and Russian documentary sources to tell the heroic story of one small garrison of Red Army guardsmen's life-and-death struggle to defend a strategic building in the city codenamed "The Lighthouse", a story that became legendary in post-war Russia. His visit to the book festival will give us new insights into one of the most decisive battles in military history on its 80th anniversary, endowed with chilling new resonance by the current war in Ukraine.

About the Author 

As an editor Iain MacGregor has worked with such noted historians as Simon Schama and Alice Roberts, but now he is making a name for himself with his own books. His first, Checkpoint Charlie, was published in 2019 and he has also completed a book on the American civil war.

Copies of Iain MacGregor's books The Lighthouse of Stalingrad can be found here and U.S. Civil War Battle by Battle can be found here

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