Alan McClure

Callum and The Other

The Print Room
Sun 25 Sep
12:00 UK

Alan McClure's Callum books take place in a magical-realist Scotland, where the boundary between our world and a realm of deep, wild magic is stretched to breaking point. Callum and his friends find themselves entangled with four bizarre nature spirits - Things-of-Green, Things-of-Blood, Things-of-Water and Things-of-Stone. These beings lead the friends on unimaginable adventures and into a profound relationship with the landscape around them. Join the author to explore the strange world of Skerrils, and find out how the Galloway landscape influenced the books.

About the Author

Alan McClure is a writer and musician based in Galloway.  His creative output is eclectic and prolific, encompassing oral storytelling, poetry, songs, novels, short stories and audio sketches.  He is a founding member of Lost Wasp Records, singer and chief songwriter with Alan & the Big Hand, occasional member of The Wee Folk Storytellers and a solo performer of growing repute.  He is also a primary school teacher, a job which provides constant inspiration and ample opportunity for explaining and discovering through stories and songs.

Copies of Alan McClure's Callum and the Other are available here.