James Crawford

The Edge of the Plain

County Buildings
Sun 2 Oct
15:00 UK
£0.00 to £7.50

Borders define our world. More exist than at any time in history, and the ability or not to cross sometimes arbitrary lines on maps determines the destiny of millions of Earth’s citizens. Part travelogue, part historical investigation, James Crawford’s fascinating book has taken him around the world - from Banksy’s walled-off West Bank hotel and the Rio Grande, to the glacial Alps and the only location where Europe and Africa meet on land.
As nationalism, climate change, globalisation, technology and mass migration all collide with ever-hardening borders, something has to give. Is it time, he asks, to let go of the lines that divide us?

About the author

James Crawford is the author of eight books including Victorian Scotland, Scotland’s Landscapes and Scotland from the Sky, which accompanied the BBC Scotland documentary series.

Copies for James Crawford's book The Edge of the Plain are available here.