From the Original Book Town bid to the present day

Watch the video below to see Wigtown transform from a struggling town in the late nineties to a thriving tourist destination

Wigtown Poetry Prize 2023

Iceberg A68

'I wrote CALVING as part of an ongoing collection of poems responding to news events since 2019. In 2021, I came across reports about the demise of a giant Antarctic iceberg, labelled A68, which had become slush less than four years after breaking away from its shelf. A series of ghostly shots from space highlighted the scale and alarming pace of its lonely dissolution, but it was the analogy implied in the nomenclature ‘calving’ that intrigued me. Scientists so often come up with striking metaphors that allow us to conceptualise our world and place within it, and the idea of each berg as a young mammal – a vulnerable, sentient being – countered the starkness of NASA’s satellite images...'

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This Week's Favourite from the Video Archive

The Salt Marsh Library Part Three: The Geese Stones

Interior of The Bookshop, Wigtown. Armchair by fireplace, bookshelves

'The sort of festival people become possessive about'

- The Guardian