Big DoG | Susi Briggs ~ Nip Nebs and the Last Berry

1 May 2020


Friday 1 May @ 11am

It wis a could frosty mornin in auld Jeannie’s gairden an aw wis peacefu until there was an awfy stooshie at the tap o the hawtree. Will Nip Nebs get the three greedy birds tae see reason and share the last berry? Will Wee Moosie and Nip Nebs get back tae hae their mornin nap? Explore this enchanting tale in Scots from the creators of shortlisted Bairns’ Book o the Year - Nip Nebs. Will Nip Nebs convince the noisy birds to share the last berry? Ages 3+.

Illustrated by Ruthie Redden. Published by Curly Tale Books.


At the end of her event, Susi tells you a new story and invites you to be the illustrator. Listen carefully to the tale and then photograph or scan the pictures you create and send them to us at [email protected].

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