#WigtownWednesdays | Amy Tucker ~ Comics Workshop

14 April 2020

Amy Tucker

Wednesday 13 May
4.30pm UK, via Zoom
Watch the video above.


The award-winning author and illustrator of the comic book series Mystery Club, Amy Tucker, joins us online to discuss the ever-changing industry, how to get started and develop your work to the level required for publishing. Learn what it takes to design and produce engaging, creative and unique comics, Amy will be discussing everything from character creation to dialogue.

Selected as BBC Newsround Inspirational Kid and Young Scot Awards Arts Winner 2018, she has been producing and publishing her novels for over 4 years, since she was just 11. Her comics are sold in both major national retailers and by independent stores, and her work is also on display in the Scottish Parliament.

Find out more about Amy’s work at www.mysteryclub.co.uk.

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