Episode 14: Changing the world

Kirstin Innes and Bernadette Russell

28 July 2020

On this episode we feature two really important and timely books that take a look at activism and hope, and consider the effects of trying to work to change the world for the better.

Kirstin Innes discusses her phenomenal novel Scabby Queen, a tantalising portrait of a woman who defies the norms, painted in a half a century’s worth of memories from those whose life she touched.

Bernadette Russell talks about her upcoming book How to Be Hopeful: Your Toolkit to Rediscover Hope and Help Create a Kinder World. Filled with cutting-edge research, timeless philosophy and tales of triumph over adversity, it is a book that gives you all you need to cultivate hope in yourself, your community and in our future.

Presented by Peggy Hughes with incidental music by Ragland.

You can buy a copy of Scabby Queen here.