Episode 12: The lure of horror

Kirsty Logan, Robin Ince and Rev Richard Coles

28 July 2020

In this episode we delve into the world of horror, taking a look at the classic 70s film The Wicker Man and talking with someone whose latest short story collection is currently being considered in Hollywood.

What is the appeal of horror? Why has it increased in popularity during lockdown? Why do we tell stories about ghosts? In this episode we will try to find out.

Award winning novelist and short story writer Kirsty Logan tells us why Things We Say In The Dark, her latest collection, is darker and more horror inspired than her previous work. She also talks about the appeal of horror fiction in general and why The Wicker Man in particular leaves us so uneasy.

We also feature an edited excerpt from our Midsummer Wigtown Wednesdays event, which was a discussion on the classic 1970s horror film The Wicker Man. Musician, journalist and Church of England Parish Priest Rev. Richard Coles and comedian, writer and broadcaster Robin Ince discuss the enduring appeal of the film and consider its many themes with our marvellous chair Lee Randall.

Presented by Peggy Hughes with incidental music by Ragland.


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