Anne Applebaum

Twilight of Democracy

Online Event
Sat 26 Sep
12:30 UK
Free, ticketed

Around the world liberal democracy is under attack, with authoritarianism increasing. Anne Applebaum explains the attraction of nationalism and autocracy to leaders of modern democracies. She discusses the appeal of political systems with radically simple beliefs, and who despotic leaders depend on for support as they seek new paths to power and wealth that only those loyal will benefit from. Join her to hear how there may be a way back to democratic values.

Twilight of Democracy offers many lessons on the long-standing struggle between democracy and dictatorship. But perhaps the most important is how fragile democracy is” – Washington Post

About the author: Historian Anne Applebaum won a Pullitzer Prize for her book Gulag, which traces the history of the Soviet Gulag system. She is a staff writer for The Atlantic and a Senior Fellow of the Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University, and has been a finalist for three other major awards.    


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