Gordon Corera

Russians Among Us

Online Event
Sun 27 Sep
17:00 UK
Free, ticketed

Russians Among Us describes for the first time the story of deep-cover spies in America and the FBI agents who tracked them. Join Gordon Corera as he talks in riveting detail about Russia’s espionage attempts against the West from the end of the Cold War to the present and the significant threat of hacking the American 2020 election. Corera explains how spying has evolved, revealing new information about today’s spies, including details of the recruitment, running, and escape of one of the most important agents of modern times, a man who worked inside the heart of Russian intelligence – proving that sometimes the best spy stories actually happen in real life.

Corera is to be congratulated for bringing to light, with humour and verve, a virtually unknown chapter of the war” – Daily Telegraph

About the author: Gordon Corera has been the BBC’s security correspondent since 2004, covering terrorism, cyber security, spying and other related issues in the UK and around the world. He joined the BBC in 1997 after working on the re-election campaign of President Bill Clinton. He has presented documentaries and written several books relating to espionage and security.


In association with the charity StageTEXT, this event will include live surtitles for people with hearing loss.

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