Charles Spencer

The White Ship

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The sinking of the White Ship off the Normandy coast on the 25th November 1120 is one of the greatest disasters that England has ever suffered. Among those drowned was the only legitimate heir to the English throne. Its repercussions would change English and European history forever. Written to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the shipwreck, join Charles Spencer as he describes the civil war that followed the death of William, heir to Henry I, with English and Norman barons, rebellious Welsh princes and the Scottish king all playing a part in a bloody, desperate scrum for power.

A truly thrilling tale which Spencer, a natural storyteller, delivers with erudition and wit… an exhilarating read” – Daily Telegraph

About the author: Charles Spencer is an author, historian, journalist and broadcaster. His meticulously researched historical books include thrilling tales of regicide, stories of royal retribution, and battles that have framed British history. Feature writer and book reviewer for a number of newspapers, he founded the Althorp Literary Festival in 2003.


In conversation with Stuart Kelly. 


In association with the charity StageTEXT, this event will include live surtitles for people with hearing loss.

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