Dara McAnulty

Diary of a Young Naturalist

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The remarkable memoir of an autistic teenager’s connection to the natural world. 

One of the most remarkable and talked about memoirs of the year, Dara McAnulty’s memoir chronicles 12 months of his life as an autistic teenager with an intense connection to nature. It’s a year in which his family moves from one side of Northern Ireland to another, disrupting his life. The book is about juggling exams and friendships alongside a life of campaigning, but above all it’s about finding consolation and joy in the natural world. Join him for a fascinating hour’s conversation.

It’s a diary but essentially timeless. It’s about enduring, it’s about passion, beauty and connection. It’s really, really special,” Chris Packham    

Dara McAnulty started writing when he was 12. He was campaigning and public speaking by 13, and has been compared to Greta Thunberg. At 14, began his Diary of a Young Naturalist. He says that he writes to make sense of the world and that words “give clarity to my chaos because communication is hard being autistic”.