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In her second enthralling book based on the human body, world-renowned forensic anthropologist Professor Dame Sue Black, takes us on a revealing journey to find the secrets hidden in our bones. From the skull to the tips of our toes, she shows that every bone has a story to tell those who examine us after we die. Everything we do, what we eat and everywhere we go leaves a trace which may be uncovered years or even centuries later. Join Sue Black as she tells these stories in what promises to be a mesmerising event.

A model of how to write about the effect of human evil without losing either objectivity or sensitivity – heartening and anything but morbid” – PD Smith, The Guardian 

About the author: Professor Dame Sue Black is one of the world’s leading anatomists and forensic anthropologists. She led the war crimes investigation in Kosovo for the British Forensic Team and was one of the first on the scene after the Indian Ocean tsunami to help to identify the dead. Her first book, All That Remains, was a huge success.   


In conversation with Anne Brown.


In association with the charity StageTEXT, this event will include live surtitles for people with hearing loss.

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