Patrick Galbraith

In Search of One Last Song

Wigtown Parish Church
Mon 26 Sep
10:30 UK

Can we imagine a world without birdsong? As wildlife habitats disappear and the threat to the flora and fauna of the UK grows seemingly by the day, Patrick Galbraith has been on a quest to see the country’s disappearing birds - lapwings, nightingales, capercaillies - perhaps for the last time, and to speak to those trying desperately to save them.

Described by Adam Nicolson as “wonderful and enriching”, In Search of One Last Song finds him travelling from Orkney to West Wales, and from the country’s wild fringes to post-industrial towns, in a bid to learn more about the species on the verge of extinction and how their absence will ultimately affect us. 

About the Author

Born in Edinburgh in 1993, journalist Patrick Galbraith has written for The Times, The Telegraph, The Spectator and Country Life.

Copies of Patrick Galbraith's book In Search of One Last Song are available here.