Peter Stanford

If These Stones Could Talk

Wigtown Parish Church
Sat 1 Oct
10:30 UK

Even if we are becoming a more secular country, the United Kingdom has been shaped by Christianity for two millennia. Peter Stanford’s latest book is a history of Christianity on these islands as told through twenty buildings. From Roman times to the Norman Conquest, from the Reformation to Puritanism, it’s a story of church and state, division, conflict and bloodshed. It’s also a story of belief and creativity. Stanford has travelled through England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland to visit churches, abbeys, chapels and cathedrals to ask what they tell us about who we were and who we are now. 

About the Author

Peter Stanford is a journalist, writer, broadcaster and prison campaigner. A former editor of the Catholic Herald, his books on religion have covered Martin Luther, Pope Joan, Judas and the Devil.

Copies of Peter Stanford's book If These Stones Could Talk are available here.

Copies of Peter Stanford's book Pilgrimage are available here.

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