Arun Sood

New Skin for the Old Ceremony

McNeillie Tent
Sat 1 Oct
15:00 UK

Four estranged friends reunite for a trip to Skye on their motorbikes, years after a memorable journey through northern India where they bonded over Leonard Cohen’s album New Skin for the Old Ceremony. Can expectant father Raj, recently widowed Vidushei, perpetually youthful Liam and fragile Bobby, reconnect? Author and musician Arun Sood discusses his engaging novel about disappearing youth, the ghost of friendships rekindled over campfires, and growing up mixed race in a small but fiercely proud nation. An exciting new talent in Scottish fiction talks to journalist Dean Nelson.

About the Author 

Born in Aberdeen to a mother from the West Highlands and a Punjabi father, Arun Sood is a Scottish-Indian writer, musician and academic. He is Lecturer in English at the University of Plymouth and is the author of the book Robert Burns and the USA.

Copies of Arun Sood's book New Skin for the Old Ceremony are available here.

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