Flora Fraser

Pretty Young Rebel: The Life of Flora Macdonald

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Sun 2 Oct
13:30 UK

Acclaimed Biographer Flora Fraser tells the true story of the ultimate Jacobite heroine Flora MacDonald, the 24-year-old who smuggled Bonnie Prince Charlies over the sea to Skye under the noses of government troops in 1746. But what happened to Flora in the years that followed? It is a tale that takes in marriage and emigration to America, where Flora finds herself caught up in the American Revolutionary War. A chance to discover a new side to a familiar historical figure.

About the author

Flora Fraser served her apprenticeship as an historical biographer researching for her mother, Antonia Fraser, and grandmother Elizabeth Longford. She has previously written about Emma Hamilton, Queen Caroline, Pauline Bonaparte, and George and Martha Washington. Flora is named after the subject of her latest biography.

Copies of Flora Fraser's book Pretty Young Rebel are available here.