John Keay

Himalaya - Exploring the Roof of the World

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Mon 26 Sep
15:00 UK

Roughly the size of Europe, Himalaya is a land of avalanches, mysticism and mountaineers but it is subject to more than just geological turbulence. Over the centuries, empires and cultures have clashed on its slopes and borders. It is home to both Buddhism and Islam, Chinese expansion and extensive mineral mining. A regular visitor to Himalaya since the 1960s, John Keay is an expert on every aspect of the region, from botany to trade, and from the Great Game to contemporary geopolitics. There is no better guide to this remarkable place and its troubled history.

About the Author

Based in Scotland, John Keay has written extensively about Himalaya, including the two-volume Explorers of the Western Himalayas. He has also written and presented a major BBC Radio 3 documentary series on the Himalayan kingdom. His twenty-second book, Himalaya, is the summation of a lifetime’s study. He is also the author of India: A History and China: A History. He has been a Royal Literary Fund fellow since 2010.

Copies of John Keay's book Himalaya can be found here.

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