Mary Wellesley

Hidden Hands - The Lives of Manuscripts and Their makers

Wigtown Parish Church
Thu 29 Sep
13:30 UK

Disgruntled scribes, protective owners, powerful female patrons, hopes and dreams achieved and dashed; medieval manuscripts contain a world of engrossing human stories if we take the time to uncover them, which is exactly what Mary Wellesley has done in her beautiful new book. 

She will talk about the production and preservation of some of the most precious items in our culture, from the Cuthbert Bible and Beowulf to the works of Shakespeare and Chaucer, in the face of fire, water and the threat of malicious destruction. Hidden Hands was chosen as one of the history books of the year by both The Times and BBC History Magazine.

About the Author

Dr Mary Wellesley worked in the department of Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts at the British Library before becoming a full-time writer. She is now a regular contributor to the London Review of Books and The Times Literary Supplement.

Copies of Mary Wellesley's book Hidden Hands are available here.

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