Christopher Trotter

Coasts and Waters - The British Seafood Cookbook

McNeillie Tent
Sun 2 Oct
13:30 UK

Can we wean ourselves off exotic imported fish such as tuna, support our fishermen, protect the environment and delight our tastebuds? A passionate advocate for seasonal, local and sustainable produce, Christopher Trotter thinks so. He’s here to unveil the riches of Britain's coasts and inland waterways, which make it a seafood paradise.

With years of experience in the restaurant trade, including running a MIchelin-starred kitchen, there are few more informed and entertaining ambassadors for Britain’s food. Expect a lively and lip-smacking event.

About the author

Based in Fife, chef Christopher Trotter is a member of the Guild of Food Writers and has been named a Fife Food Ambassador for his work in promoting food and hospitality.

He runs food tours and cooking workshops and has written a number of cookery books.

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