Pieter Waterdrinker

The Long Song of Tchaikovsky Street

McNeillie Tent
Sat 24 Sep
18:00 UK

In 1988, a priest asked Pieter Waterdrinker if he would smuggle 7,000 Bibles into the Soviet Union. When the young Dutch writer agreed to do so he found himself in the midst of seismic historical change. Working as a tour operator with a sideline in smuggling contraband, he would have a front seat as Communism fell apart. A winning blend of the personal and political, Waterdrinker's unputdownable and often very funny memoir takes in both his own slyly subversive role in the fall of the Soviet Union and the long history of revolution and dissent based around his street in St Petersburg.

About the author
Pieter Waterdrinker lived on Tchaikovsky Street in St Petersburg with his Russian wife and three cats, until fleeing the country when Russia invaded Ukraine.