Rachelle Atalla

The Pharmacist

McNeillie Tent
Sun 25 Sep
12:00 UK

Only the lucky ones make it to the Bunker in time. Wolfe is one of them. But as she works as the underground community’s pharmacist, the actions of the bunker’s leader in these post-apocalyptic times begin to seem increasingly erratic and paranoid. Is it really as safe inside as she believes? Are those in the Bunker really that lucky?

One of the most critically acclaimed debuts of the year, Rachelle Atalla's dystopian drama has even garnered comparisons to George Orwell. Come and find out why.

About the Author

Rachelle Atalla is a Scottish-Egyptian novelist whose second novel Thirsty Animals will be published next year. She currently has a four-part drama series in development with Hopscotch Films and is working on her first feature-length screenplay with BBC Films.

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