Rebecca Lowe

The Slow Road to Tehran

County Buildings
Sun 25 Sep
12:00 UK

In 2015, as war raged in Syria, journalist Rebecca Lowe got on her bike and began cycling across the Middle East. A solo traveller in the tradition of the late Dervla Murphy, her 11,000 mile journey took her from England to Iran via Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan and the Gulf. It saw her cross deserts and climb mountains as she journeyed through three continents and twenty countries. Along the way, Lowe shared food and company with those she met in a bid to get beyond the headlines and discover the reality of life in the Middle East. What she encountered was the kindness of strangers. That’s when she wasn’t dodging speeding cars or lecherous men. She talks about her astonishing journey.

About the Author 

A Fellow at the Royal Geographical Society, freelance journalist Rebecca Lowe has specialised in covering Human Rights and the Middle East. She has written for publications including The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Huffington Post and The Economist.

Copies of Rebecca Lowe's book The Slow Road to Tehran can be found here

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