Steve Bonham

Stumbling Over Eden

McNeillie Tent
Fri 30 Sep
18:00 UK

Steve Bonham is a 'slightly overweight bloke from Derby with a dodgy knee' who decided to walk the best part of 600 kilometres through North Africa, across mountain and desert, just for the hell of it. It’s a journey that saw him being tailed by the secret service and encountering a lost tribe of Little People, an amorous camel and a spirit dog. What does it take to be a global adventurer? What lessons can we learn about others and about ourselves by simply going out into the world? Chris Lydon provides musical accompaniment on the tuba.

About the Author

Psychologist, writer and musician Steve Bonham has never been one to sit at home. Over the years he has travelled the world, from the Berlin Wall to the Atlas Mountains and the streets of Hong Kong.