The Whithorn Trust Event

Bishops, Bones and Burials

County Buildings
Fri 30 Sep
10:30 UK

Who were the folk who lived in medieval Whithorn? Thanks to new technology, we now know what three of them looked like. Bishop Walter of Whithorn, who died in 1235, an unknown clergyman with a cleft palate and a woman in her twenties, buried on a bed of sea shells.

This year’s Whithorn Lecture brings together three experts who have been central to this extraordinary act of reconstruction. Dr Adrian Maldonado of the National Museums of Scotland leads the Cold Case Whithorn project. Dr Chris Rynn is a cranio-facial anthropologist. Dr Kirsty Dingwall works for Headland Archaeology.

They will discuss the processes employed to bring us face-to-face with individuals lost for centuries, as well as putting past lives in context: what were our trio’s hopes and fears, daily routines and dreams? They will also be revealing talking animations of the heads with words imagined by students of Douglas Ewart High School as part of Scotland’s Year of Stories.