Annaliese Avery

The Doomfire Secret

The Burrow
Sun 25 Sep
13:30 UK

In this engaging workshop, author Annaliese Avery will take you on a whistle-stop tour of the amazing world of Albion where the stars rule over people’s destinies and dragons fear to tread. Meet the girl with no stars, Paisley Fitzwilliam, plus celestial physicist-in-training Corbett Grubbins and Dragon Walker Odelia, as we travel through the floating boroughs of London and make our own addition to the skies by designing our own. [Age 8-12]

About the Author

Annaliese has spent most of her life surrounded by stories, both at work as a library manager and at home writing them. She holds an MA in Creative Writing and is now the Program Leader for The Golden Egg Academy in Scotland which leads creative writing workshops across the UK. In January 2020, Annaliese was shortlisted for the SCBWI Undiscovered Voices 2020 anthology. The Nightsilver Promise is her debut middle-grade novel and the first in a thrilling new fantasy trilogy.

Copies of Annaliese Avery's The Doomfire Secret are available here.

Copies of Annaliese Avery's The Nightsilver Promise are available here.