Holly Sterling

Karate Kids

The Burrow
Sat 1 Oct
12:00 UK

Gi? Ready! Belt? Ready! Let’s go! It’s karate time. HAI-YAH! 

Join Maya and all her friends as they get together at the dojo for their Saturday karate class! There are moves to remember, blocks to practise, and punches to perfect! Maya is a white belt, which means she’s still a beginner, but with focus, balance and determination – and a little helping hand from her friends – can she show Sensei what she’s got? [3-7]

About the Author

Holly Sterling is a children's book author and illustrator of more than twelve picture books, including Hiccups!, the 15 Things Not To Do With a... series, written by Margaret McAllister, the Everybody Feels... series, written by Moira Butterfield, and her author-illustrator debut with Walker, Karate Kids, which was shortlisted for The Telegraph Sports Book of the Year Award. Alongside making books, Holly is also passionate about karate and, from a young age, has competed and won individual and team medals at both European and World level. Holly is now retired from competitive karate but teaches at her own dojos in Durham and Sunderland. Holly lives in Sunderland.

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