Performance Collective Stranraer


The Gardens
Sat 1 Oct
13:30 UK
Free, ticketed

Performance Collective Stranraer presents Bippity! A promenade performance featuring a group of eccentric, magical beings who need help practising their spells. They must collect ingredients for their potions, they make themselves invisible, and will dance to conjure a bit of playful magic. Delight in surprise interactions with these idiosyncratic and quirky characters and help them transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. [5+]

About Performance Collective Stranraer

Performance Collective Stranraer [PCS] is a development organisation created to nurture, promote and sustain rural theatre artists from Southwest Scotland, primarily Dumfries and Galloway and South Ayrshire. These areas have little-to-no artistic training provision and we exist to bridge the gap between youth theatre and the professional performance industry, turning artistic outlets and hobbies into viable career-paths.