Jonathan Meres

Scaredy Bat, in Polish and English

The Burrow
Sun 25 Sep
12:00 UK

It's morning in the Dark, Dark Wood and Little Bat can’t sleep because he doesn’t like the light. But when Big Bat and Middle Bat call him Scaredy Bat there’s only one thing for him to do. Prove them wrong! Join bestselling author of over forty books, Jonathan Meres for a morning of fun, laughter, stories and songs. But watch out for… THE BOGEY BAT! This event will be translated into Polish by Ewelina Kadula. [ Age 3-7]

About the Author

As a writer, Meres is best known for being the author of over thirty books for children, in particular his bestselling, award-winning series, The World Of Norm, with over 800,000 copies sold in UK. He has also been a World Book Day Author. Jonathan lives in Edinburgh with his wife and children.

Copies of Jonathan Meres's Scaredy Bat are available here.

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