Dr Punam Krishan

Real Life Heroes: How to Be a Doctor

The Burrow
Sat 1 Oct
15:00 UK

Do you have what it takes to become a doctor, a medical scientist or to work in public health? Join NHS GP and BBC presenter Dr Punam Krishan to learn all about the incredible life-saving jobs you could do when you grow up, from working as a psychologist to travelling the world as an expedition doctor! With lots of quizzes and activities, Dr Punam will take you on a journey through a day in the life of a doctor and give you a chance to test your own medical knowledge! [6+]

About the Author

Dr Punam Krishan is an NHS GP and media doctor with a specialist interest in public health, family and lifestyle medicine. She is also a honorary senior clinical lecturer at the University of Glasgow. Alongside this, Punam is a writer and director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Copies of Dr Punam Krishan's How to Be a Doctor and Other Life Saving Jobs are available here.