Sally Hinchcliffe

Hare House

McNeillie Tent
Fri 30 Sep
16:30 UK

Is there a better festival setting than Wigtown for a spot of folk horror? Come with us now to Hare House, a cottage on a Scottish estate at the beginning of autumn. After leaving her job at an all-girls school in London in mysterious circumstances, Cass has arrived in this remote spot to start a new life. But soon she is hearing stories of witchcraft and madness and as winter approaches begins to wonder quite what she has let herself in for.

About the author

Sally Hinchcliffe was born in London but spent her childhood travelling all over the world in the wake of her diplomat father. After working at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew for many years she moved to south-west Scotland. Hare House is her second novel. When she is not writing, she likes to explore Dumfries & Galloway on her bike.

Copies of Sally Hinchcliffe's book Hare House are available here.