Sarah Thomas

The Raven’s Nest

McNeillie Tent
Sat 1 Oct
18:00 UK

In 2008, Sarah Thomas travelled to Iceland to attend a film festival. She soon fell in love with the country and one of its native sons. What was meant to be a short stay turned into years as she found herself captivated by an alien landscape wracked by fierce storms and lit up by the Northern Lights and a midwinter full moon brighter than daylight.
But her love for the landscape proved more enduring than her marriage, and as she drifted apart from her husband a volcano began to show signs of activity. Now based in Castle Douglas, the writer and documentary filmmaker brings her memoir of love, language, nature and resilience to Wigtown. 

About the author

Dr Sarah Thomas is a writer and documentary film-maker. Her memoir, The Raven’s Nest has drawn widespread praise, including from Robert MacFarlane and Cal Flynn.

Copies for Sarah Thomas's book The Raven’s Nest are available here.