Chris Brookmyre

The Cliff House

County Buildings
Thu 29 Sep
16:30 UK

Chris Brookmyre’s new novel The Cliff House imagines a hen party in a location so remote it’s only accessible by helicopter. When someone disappears, a message arrives saying that unless one of the women confesses her secret, their missing friend will be killed. The trouble is, everybody’s guilty of something, and nobody wants to spill the beans in a high stakes game of truth or dare! This combustible cocktail of a book will leave its readers and characters alike shaken and stirred by a weekend of excess. “Chris Brookmyre is a genius, every new book of his is a cause for celebration."- Richard Osman.

About the Author

In the twenty five years since Chris Brookmyre’s first book was published, he’s become one of the UK’s most popular crime writers. Chris’s enthusiasm for hurling himself into extracurricular activities such as the Scotland v England Writers football match, Channel 5’s Eggheads, the Fun Lovin’ Crime Writers (including a Glastonbury gig) and Mastermind with Clive Myrie is well known and means he has more to talk about than most.

Copies of Chris Brookmyre's book The Cliff House are available here.

Copies of Chris Brookmyre's book The Cut are available here.

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