Joshua Levine


County Buildings
Sun 25 Sep
13:30 UK

What would have happened to Britain in the Second World War if not for what Churchill called the 'miracle' of Dunkirk?

At the end of May 1940, at the French port, some 400,000 Allied troops were trapped and under fire from Nazi forces. Many were saved from destruction because of an extraordinary effort over nine days by the RAF, the Royal Navy and civilian vessels, the legendary 'little ships', to evacuate soldiers from the beaches while under heavy fire from the Luftwaffe. Churchill hoped that up to 30,000 might be saved. In the end, more than 300,000 were. Joshua Levine, the historical advisor on Christopher Nolan's 2017 war epic, Dunkirk, comes to Wigtown to tell the story of those fateful few days in 1940.

About the Author

Formerly an actor and barrister, Joshua Levine has written an oral history of Dunkirk, the Battle of the Somme and the Blitz, as well as books about pilots in the First World War, D Day and a history of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Copies of Joshua Levine's book Dunkirk are available here.

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