Roopa Farooki

Everything Is True

County Buildings
Sun 2 Oct
13:30 UK

In early 2020, junior doctor Roopa Farooki lost her sister to cancer. Weeks later, she was working 13-hour shifts as the Covid 19 pandemic threatened to overwhelm the NHS. Each evening, exhausted and grieving, she would return home to chronicle the impact of the virus on patients and staff as it brought fear and death to hospital wards.
What was it like in our hospitals during those early days of the pandemic? Roopa Farooki witnessed it first-hand. Now she comes to Wigtown to tell us the truth behind her remarkable memoir and the government presentations and newspaper headlines.

About the author

Roopa Farooki is a writer and junior doctor in the NHS. She is the author of six literary novels that have been translated into over a dozen languages. Her writing has been listed three times for the Women's Prize. In 2020 she was awarded the Junior Doctor Leadership Prize from her NHS Trust, for her work during the Covid pandemic. Adam Kay, Gavin Francis and Jo Brand are among the many who have praised Everything Is True.

Copies of Roopa Farooki's book Everything Is True are available here.