Susan Richardson

Where the Seals Sing

County Buildings
Wed 28 Sep
16:30 UK

Remarkably, there are fewer grey seals in the world than endangered African elephants and close to half of their number can be found in the waters around the British Isles. Susan Richardson has been entranced by seals since childhood and she recently travelled around the coast of the UK to learn everything that she could about these charismatic animals and the myths that surround them. Her journey was punctuated by concerns about her father's dementia and cognitive decline so if you want to know more about both the reality of seal life and how nature can help us deal with loss, Richardson is the perfect guide. 

About the Author

Based in Wales, Susan Richardson is a poet, writer, performer and educator who spends as much free time as she can lying on cliffs, watching grey seals. She has travelled extensively over the years, most recently in the Arctic in the footsteps of an 11th-century Viking woman.

Copies of Susan Richardson's book Where the Seals Sing are available here.

Copies of Susan Richardson's book Words the Turtle Taught Me are available here.