Tọlá Okogwu

Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun

The Burrow
Sat 24 Sep
16:30 UK

Meet Tolá Okogwu and discover her epic superhero adventure Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun! Onyeka is the newest addition to the Academy of the Sun, a prestigious school where children with superpowers are trained to battle for the truth. 

Onyeka has a lot of hair – the kind that makes strangers stop in the street. She’s always felt insecure about her vibrant curls, until she makes an important discovery: she can control her hair with her mind! 

Black Panther meets X-Men in this action-packed and empowering middle grade adventure about a British Nigerian girl who learns that her Afro hair has psychokinetic powers—perfect for fans of Amari and the Night Brothers, The Marvellers, and Rick Riordan! [8+]

About the Author

Tolá Okogwu is a British Nigerian author, journalist, and hair care educator. Born in Nigeria but raised in London, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism. She is the author of Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun, the self-published picture book series Daddy Do My Hair, and Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door under the name Lola Morayo. Tolá lives in Kent, England, with her husband and two daughters. An avid reader and lover of music, she’s also a sucker for melted cheese.

Copies of Tola Okogwu's Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun are available here.

Copies of Tola Okogwu's Daddy Do My Hair are available here.