In the Footsteps of Ninian

St Ninian's Priory Church
Wed 28 Sep
10:30 UK

Join us for an afternoon walk in the company of an expert guide as we follow in the footsteps of St Ninian, Galloway’s great missionary saint.  Starting on the Whithorn Way, at the rear of St Ninian's Priory Church, we will amble to Rispain Cam, a fortified Iron Age farmstead, and then on through the Half Moon Wood to Glasserton's magnificent church which houses a  16th-century monument to Lady Garleis and all her children.

Passing onto the lands of Claymoddie, you will see panoramic views of the Solway before descending through woodland to the path leading to St Ninian's Cave. The Cave is mentioned as far back as the 8th century and contemporary pilgrim graffiti crosses carved on the walls show it was already a place of pilgrimage at that time. (Approximately 2 hours, return transport on request). 
By kind permission of Christopher and Emily Nicholson

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