Gerry Hassan

Scotland Rising

Festival Marquee
Sun 2 Oct
15:00 UK

In his new book, Scotland Rising, academic and political commentator Gerry Hassan envisages a fresh argument for political autonomy, moving the debate on from the stale positions of the past. In this conversation he’ll address fundamental questions about this contentious debate, to help us better understand the nuances of the case for independence and its implications for the whole UK, including examining the constitutional framework, and examining questions about the role of government and democracy, the nature of the British state, society, and capitalism. 

About the Speaker

Gerry Hassan is Professor of Social Change at Glasgow Caledonian University and was previously Senior Research Fellow in contemporary Scottish history at Dundee University. He has written a number of books on Scottish politics, including The Strange Death of Scottish Labour, Scotland the Bold and Scotland After the Virus. Last year he moved from Glasgow to Kirkcudbright.

Copies of Gerry Hassan's book Scotland Rising are available here.

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