Timothy Phillips and Pieter Waterdrinker

Discussion: What Now for Russia?

Festival Marquee
Sun 25 Sep
10:30 UK

As the war with Ukraine rumbles on, what does the ordinary Russian on the street think? Has the nation changed for ever? Or is the current situation a “blip” in international relations? What happened to the post-Glasnost hopes and what might a post-Putin future might look like? Timothy Phillips and Pieter Waterdrinker bring their specialist knowledge of Russia to bear on these questions in this special event.

About the speakers 
Timothy Phillips grew up in Northern Ireland. He holds a doctorate in Russian from Oxford University and has written extensively on Russian and British history. His previous books include Beslan, about the tragic events around the school shooting in North Ossetia in 2004, and The Secret Twenties, about Soviet spies in Britain in the years after the First World War. 

Pieter Waterdrinker is a Dutch novelist and foreign correspondent who lived in St Petersburg with his Russian wife and three cats, until fleeing the country when Russia invaded Ukraine.

Copies of Pieter Waterdrinker's book The Long Song of Tchaikovsky Street: a Russian Adventure can be found here