Will Ashon

The Passengers

McNeillie Tent
Sat 24 Sep
13:30 UK

What is the story of your life in the 21st century? What are the hopes and fears you carry every day? If a stranger asked, what secret would you tell? Between October 2018 and March last year, author Will Ashon gathered stories from ordinary people using unusual methods, such as sending letters to random addresses, referrals from strangers, and hitchhiking. 

He asked the people he found - including those in Dumfries & Galloway - about love, despair and work, about their anxieties and their needs. He has brought all these stories together in his new book The Passengers and now comes to Wigtown to tell us what he discovered and what all these stories can tell us about the way we live now.

About the Author

Will Ashon is a former music journalist who founded the Big Dada label, part of Ninja Tunes records. He has previously written books about rappers The Wu-Tang Clan and outlaws in Epping Forest.

Copies of Will Ashon's book The Passengers can be found here