Darren McGarvey

The Social Distance Between Us

Festival Marquee
Sun 25 Sep
15:00 UK

What is wrong with Britain? Why are there so many food banks in such a rich country? Why are children living in poverty in the 21st century? What is behind our housing crisis? Why are our prisons full to bursting?

Orwell Prize-winner Darren McGarvey believes that it has much to do with the distance between those in power and those who are powerless. Our leaders, he believes, have too little experience of social inequality to be able to understand what life is like for those struggling to get by in contemporary Britain. As a result, even the noblest aims can cause untold harm. McGarvey argues that remote politics has wrecked the country. His is a voice that demands to be heard and Wigtown is the perfect platform.

About the Author

Darren McGarvey is a Glaswegian writer, performer, broadcaster, community activist and musician, who also performs under the name Loki. He was part of the Poverty Truth Commission hosted in Glasgow in 2009. His first book, Poverty Safari, won the Orwell Prize.

Copies of Darren McGarvey's book The Social Distance Between Us are available here.

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