Romain Pizzi

Exotic Vetting

Festival Marquee
Mon 26 Sep
18:00 UK

Have you ever wondered how to perform keyhole surgery on a Sumatran orangutan? Or brain surgery on a bear? How do you go about anaesthetising a fish? Romain Pizzi is the man to ask. The world’s leading expert in wildlife surgery, the Edinburgh-based super vet has operated all around the globe on everything from elephants to tarantulas, sometimes using the most hi-tech of equipment, sometimes using whatever is to hand (he once used a spoon to treat a vulture). Take the chance to hear one of the great wildlife experts talk about the challenges and the joys of his amazing work.

About the Author

Born in South Africa, Romain Pizzi is currently the President of the Scottish Branch of the British Veterinary Association and President of the British Veterinary Zoological Society. His work has been featured on the BBC, National Geographic and CNN.

Copies of Romain Pizzi's book Exotic Vetting can be found here