Jamie Blackett

Land of Milk and Honey

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Tue 27 Sep
17:30 UK

This has not been the easiest of times for farmers , as Jamie Blackett knows all too well. He has found himself in danger of losing the family estate in Dumfries & Galloway as his beef business struggles, with Brexit beginning to bite. He is also worried about the threat of extreme environmentalists and the possibility of the break-up of the Union, which is why he formed an unlikely political alliance with maverick politician George Galloway. Jamie comes to Wigtown to tell us more.

About the Author

Landowner, author and politician, Jamie Blackett joined the Coldstream Guards after leaving Eton College. He saw service in Northern Ireland during the Troubles and the first Gulf War. He now regularly writes for The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator.

Copies of Jamie Blackett's book Land of Milk and Honey can be found here

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